What is skin pH & why is it so important?

What is skin pH & why is it so important?

The acid mantle is our skin’s defense system, a very fine slightly acidic film produced in part by our outermost layer of skin (or the Stratum Corneum) where it contributes sebum (oils, waxes, esters) and sweat (water, salt). The acidity develops when the bacteria on our skin (don’t worry, this kind of bacteria is our friend, and he’s awesome!) breaks down these oils into fatty acids and glycerol. The average pH of the acid mantle of healthy skin is 5.5. Depending on your age, gender, skin type etc. this number can change.
Hydrating and Moisturizing Labothecaire Blog Post

Hydrating & Moisturizing. What is the difference?

We normally think that hydration and moisturization are one and the same. In fact, they are not. One has to do with supplying your skin with water and the other with oil. Read Labothécaire article to learn the difference between both and how they contribute to a glowing and healthy skin.