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Hydrating and Moisturizing Labothecaire Blog Post

Hydrating & Moisturizing. What is the difference?

Simply, hydration is adding water, and moisturization is adding oil. 


A hydrating ingredient binds water to the skin. A perfect example of a hydrator is Hyaluronic Acid or HA. HA is naturally produced by our skin to maintain skin hydration.

However, its production can be degraded due to aging, free radical mechanisms caused by UV exposure, bad nutrition and/or environmental stressors, to name just a few factors. When applied topically, this humectant absorbs water from the surrounding environment and binds it to the skin, which in return allows the skin to absorb the water. This leaves your skin cells plump and infused and leads to your skin feeling plump, fresh and healthy.

All skin types and concerns need hydration.

PS. When your skin lacks hydration, it is DEHYDRATED (skin concern). However, when your skin lacks moisture, it is DRY (skin type).


A moisturizing agent locks in water (hydration) inside the skin to build & protect the skin’s natural protective (oil) barrier. As such, it prevents water loss and keeps the skin soft & smooth.

Our skin has a natural oil barrier, however, dryness, aging, harsh skincare products can compromise this barrier allowing the escape of water from our skin, causing it to be dry & flaky.

All skin types (including oily & combination skin) can benefit from using a moisturizer. Face oils, creams and lotions are great moisturizers. In fact, some oils are great in moisturizing the skin as well as balancing the skin’s oil production, which makes them ideal for all oily and combination skin types. A great example is Squalane. Which in addition to being a great anti-aging super-star, it also balances the production of oils in the skin.

If your skin is too oily but still dehydrated (Important note: oily & combination skin types can be dehydrated), you can also benefit from using a light lotion on top of your facial oil & when your skin is too dry, you can benefit from using a thick cream instead.

Remember, all skin types and concerns need to hydration & moisturization at all types to keep the skin healthy, plump & soft.

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