All About Labothécaire

Labothécaire is a premium French organic skincare brand that believes in products made with only the highest quality ingredients.



The word “Labothécaire” combines two French words “Laboratoire” meaning labs and “Apothécaire” meaning apothecary. Our brand name reflects our philosophy; Labothécaire offers you products that combine handpicked natural ingredients and medicinal herbal extracts that are historically and scientifically proven to benefit and protect your skin.



Labothécaire offers products that address your skin concerns using handpicked natural and organic ingredients in their purest form in addition to high-quality herbal extracts and essential oils. We believe that natural and organic skincare that are free from film-formers and emulsifiers can help you maintain your beauty and address your skin concerns without compromising your health or the health of those you love.

We offer results-led organic skincare that will transform your skin and affect your internal health and holistic lifestyle.



At Labothécaire, we promise our customers certified organic products that respect our Transparency Policy. As such, we offer transparent and easy to understand ingredient labeling including our “Transparency Chart” detailing the percentage of organic, natural & non-natural raw materials (if any).

In reference to non-natural raw materials, Labothécaire uses proven premium-grade preservatives only when necessary for your health and protection against contamination. Without such preservatives, your skincare might not be properly preserved.

Our products are natural, non-toxic, sustainable, cruelty-free and are tested according to the highest European and international standards,. We do not condone cheap paraben preservatives such as (methyl, propyl, butyl, isobutyl, and ethyl) and potentially harmful synthetic chemicals derived from a petroleum or crude oil base.  

We hope you love & enjoy Labothécaire's products!