Stretch Marks: What They Are & How to Prevent Them!

Stretch Marks: What They Are & How to Prevent Them!

| Labothécaire Beauty Guru

Pregnancy is a precious time for any woman. ‫.However, many of us struggle with our stretch marks developing on our tummies. 

What are stretch marks? Stretch marks or “striae” are streaks or stripes that develop on the skin. They start off as red and fade a bit with time.

‏What causes stretch marks? Stretch marks form in the dermis (the skin’s middle layer), when the connective tissue is stretched beyond the limits of its elasticity. This normally happens when the skin is expanded or contracted within a small amount of time.

They can occur when the skin cannot resume normal form after a period of intense growth, often due to pregnancy, weight loss, or puberty. Hormonal changes including a spike in the hormone cortisol can negatively affect collagen, a protein produced by our body.

When collagen is negatively affected, our skins lose elasticity and become less flexible and hence prone to stretch marks.

How to prevent stretch marks? The following tip can help:

1- Eating foods high in vitamins including vitamin C & vitamin D, collagen & zinc
2- Keep away from stress! We need to make sure our cortisol level does not increase. Cortisol can harm out skin by breaking down our collagen!
3- Deeply moisturizing your skin especially during a period of growth, weight gain or weight loss.
4-Keeping your body hydrated from the inside out by drinking lots and lots of water!

What can I do about my existing stretch marks? When the stretch marks are new, your doctor might be able to assist and make them less noticeable. When your stretch marks are new they respond quicker to treatment. Your doctor might suggest laser treatment or chemical peels or some other topical creams.

Please note that while stretch marks may become gradually less noticeable, they will not completely go away. However, deeply moisturizing the skin can make the stretch marks look less noticeable in addition to using natural remedies that improve.

Prevent new stretch marks and enhance the appearance of your skin and your old stretch marks and improve your skin’s elasticity by deeply moisturizing it on a daily basis‪. Use our All-Time Favorite moisturizer the Pure Miracle Oil, it is one of nature’s richest sources of Vitamin C, E & A in addition to essential fatty acids and antioxidants.

Don't forget that Vitamin C helps stimulate collagen fibers and trans-retinoic acid that help to regenerate damaged skin tissue. The anti-sclerotic properties of rosehip help to lighten the existing stretch marks.

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